Design your own craft and test them out



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RoverCraft is a 2D driving game where you design your own vehicle using all kinds of different parts. Once you have your craft ready you can test-drive it on different planets, each with its own unique tracks.

The gameplay on RoverCraft is divided into two basic parts: first, the creation of your craft, where you can use all the pieces you've unlocked; and then test-driving your craft. The controls for manuevering your craft are very similar to, for example, Hill Climb Racing.

RoverCraft has several different game modes. In challenge mode you face various driving challenges where you have to use a specific craft. Planet Mode, on the other hand, sets a huge track that you have to get to the end of to prove that the design of your craft is up to scratch.

RoverCraft is an outstanding driving game that doesn't just let you build thousands of vehicles to your very own specs, but also lets you drive them around different planets. And the game's graphics are very – and I do mean very – good.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher.

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